When shopping for insurance it is important to be informed

The following are a few recommendations to help you get the best coverage for the lowest premium.

Combining Policies can be a source of major discounts
By combining your home and auto insurance, you can receive discounts up to 20% depending on the company.
Shop Multiple Carriers
It is important to find the company that fits you best. By using an independent agent like Glenn Davis Insurance, you get to shop many different carriers without any extra work on your part.
Use the spouse with the best credit
For married couples, sometimes one person will have a better credit score than the other. Since some companies will use the score of the first person named on the application, putting the spouse with the best credit score on first can result in a lower rate.
Keep an Inventory of your Personal Property
In the event of a loss, the burden of proof is on the homeowner to provide proof of their personal property. To ensure that you take the full advantage of your coverage, keep and update regularly a homeowners inventory sheet. It is a good idea to take pictures periodically as well and give an extra copy to a friend or relative. A free homeowners inventory is available here from Travelers. Click here to get your free copy.
Don’t Let Coverage Lapse
Not only does a lapse in coverage leave you exposed, it will also cause your rates to go up. If your insurance is too high, speak to one of our agents and see what adjustments can be made in your policy.
Consider insurance when make large purchases
Insurance is a basic cost that many people don't consider until after the purchase is made. When shopping, call one of our agents and get a quote on your new car or home. They can provide types and advice that could save you thousands over the life of your property.
Be in Touch
It is important to stay informed about changes that occur in the insurance industry. Staying in contact with you agent can help you be aware of new products, discounts, and information. Staying in touch is easy. Follow us on Facebook, twitter, and our blog to stay informed.