Depending on the company, there are many different discounts available.

In addition to this basic list, ask your agent about company specific discounts that are available.


One of the biggest discounts available for both home and auto is the companion policy discount. By putting your home and auto with the same company, you can save 10-20% on both policies.


Security Devices
A variety of discounts are available for homeowners who have smoke detectors, Fire extinguishers, monitored alarms, fire sprinklers, or gated community.
Hail Resistant Roof 
Some insurers give hail resistant roof discounts for Class 4 roofs and credits can be sizeable in some territories.
New Customer
Some companies are coming out with new rating models that are oriented toward offering lower rates to new customers.
Home Updates
Depending on the age of newer electrical wiring in your home, you may qualify for an age of wiring discount.
Claims Free
If you have not filed any home insurance claims in the last 5 years, ask about a discount. Claims-free homeowners can often save up to 20%.


If you have multiple cars on the same policy most companies offer a discount. Many carriers will give a multi-car discount to consumers who have a company car even if they only own one personal vehicle.
Less Commuting
Consider car pooling to reduce your commute frequency and ask your agent if that will impact your auto premium. If your car is used primarily to commute, lessening the frequency of commutes may lower your rates.
Good Student
If you have drivers that are in school, ask us about this discount. Providing a copy of your drivers high school or college report card could save you money.
Safety Training
Most companies offer discount if you have completed defensive driving. In addition, some companies have their own safety programs that can be completed with minimal to no cost, and will earn you a discount on renewal.
Safety Features
Various discounts are available if your car comes equipped with approved anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes, and/or passive restraint systems such as airbags.